YNABC 2018


YNABC x ATL 2018

By Nathan Susser

Julia and Nathan Celebrate Success

At YNABC this past summer, I was enthralled by the number of bridge students who attended, not only from the United States but throughout the world. While we may not have spoken the same literary language, when all sat down at the bridge table, a universal language spoken throughout the world became the default. The language of bridge. While my sister and I, unfortunately, failed to achieve first in any of the sections, we did have fun especially ribbing rival sibling pair Helen and Nathan Chow after beating them in the morning section of the first day. One of my favorite memories was of a hand when I misread my sister’s bid and misbid, it looked horrendous as if we weren’t going to even score a trick; however, we ultimately got the top board. After looking down at all the cards flipped vertical (“hot-dog” style), I raised my head to see a shiny grin and two gleaming eyes staring back at me. Even though I had left my sister with a tough hand, she had been able to pull through, and our miscommunication turned into a brilliant mistake. When I tell people I play bridge, they typically give me a puzzled look, flipping through all their definitions of bridge, before I finally clarify by saying, the old-person card game. However, as soon as I describe it as such, I think back to the room full of 500 faces of bright eyes, scrunched cheeks and minds ready to learn and play a game they all enjoy and realized that this game spans all ages. It is inspiring that there are so many children like me who are interested in playing bridge in San Francisco, the United States, and the world.  

The scores from the Cardology Kidz contingent in Atlanta:

Nathan and Julia Susser got 0.42 red with a 62.5% game on day 1 and received 0.45 red points on a 58.17% game.

Gary Zeng and his pick up partner from Atlanta were first overall with 67.5%, good for 2.28 red points on day 1.

Helen and Nathan Chow were 3rd overall with 68%, for 1.77 red on day 2, and first overall on day 3 with a 72% for 2.11 red points.

Nancy Yu and Chloe Chow won 1.02 red points by placing 3rd in C on day 3.

  • Susser-kidz.jpg

    Nathan and Julia Susser of the Urban School dominating in Atlanta