Teaching Is Fun

I’ve been teaching Handz in a San Francisco school classroom of 3rd to 8th graders. They’re having a lot of fun trying to take LOTS OF TRICKS! I hear comments like: “I’ll bet we can take more tricks than our opponents!” or “they can’t possibly take as many as they say they can, so let’s DOUBLE them!”

I use the vocabulary “Super Suit” or “No Super Suit” instead of “Trump” or “No Trump.” I think this makes it more exciting and also more accessible. It’ll be easy to introduce the word trump when they get to bridge or a higher Handz level.

Another thing the kids like is the description of how to arrange their cards after tricks are won or lost: standing up if we won (we are so proud) or lying down if we lost (we are so sad). Fun for the teacher too! The kids catch on in a nano-second.