Handz at Cardology

In the summer of 2017, The Center for Bridge Education added a youth bridge game held immediately after its duplicate bridge game on Saturday afternoons. It has been very successful.

We call this game “Cardology Kidz,” as it uses the playing space occupied by the Saturday Cardology duplicate game. Some of the kidz play bridge, but most are learning the game with CBE’s teaching method, Handz™. We have team games between a table of advanced Handz players and a table of bridge players.

It is a feature of the Handz method that the contracts at the two tables are similar, and therefore the comparisons are competitive. Handz players have some advantages over bridge players finding both the best contract and the ideal line of play. The bridge players have more experience.

We hope that more children will put down their computer and iPhone screens for a few hours each week to make some new friends at Cardology Kidz. Everyone is welcome. We have a few players as young as six and some in high school.