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Version 1 is here!

All materials included

To purchase the game from The Center for Bridge Education, use the “Add to Cart” button on the bottom of this page: http://center4bridge.org/handz/

The price of the game is $44.95 plus $10 shipping and tax (to California residents). For games purchased for schools and colleges, shipping charges are waived. (We are an educational nonprofit, after all.)

Game Instruction and Play Advice
For players 14 and older with a little card-playing experience, the need for instruction is usually unnecessary.

The primary goal of HandzTM is to teach players the rules of bridge, including the scoring, in a format that is fun. The second goal is to teach simple strategies of card play. Lastly, we introduce the basic purpose of bidding as communication.

The Tipz booklet, which was printed separately in the beta version of the game, is now part of the spiral binder under “Game Instructions,” above.
Rules & Tipz

For those who want to print Fact Sheets on plain paper, these can be used and thrown away after each hand (a tad wasteful) or covered with plastic, such as sandwich bags or cellophane wrap that works almost as well with dry erase markers as the lamination.
Fact Sheet v1.01

There are Scoring Guidelines for calculating the score at each level of play. There are five increments for Levels 1, 2, 3, 4&5, and 6 and above. On the reverse of each guideline are bits of advice in abbreviated form. The scoring of HandzTM is the same for 3-player and 4-player games.
Score Guides 5×7 v1.01

The score is normally kept by the North player. Attached is a templet for reusable Score Pads—intended to be laminated so that they can be wiped clean and reused. These pads have eight boards per side, 16 total or for the 3-player game; 9 per side, 18 total. The large entry spaces accommodate the writing in the scores with blunt, erasable markers.

When playing a specific board number, the score pads show the player’s vulnerability. Because writing on the backs of the score pads would smear the reverse scores, the pads are intended to allow either 3-player or 4-player score-keepers to use the second pad without reversing the first. As always, HandzTM is intended to conserve paper in schools.
Handz score sheets

Table Markers, indicating who is the dealer and who is vulnerable are an option for those who find them useful, but they are not essential. The score pads remind the score keeper of vulnerability. The first marker is for Levels 1-5 (no vulnerability); the second, for Levels 6 through 10.
Table Marker for Levels 1-5
Table Marker for Levels 6-10

For those who make it to Level 8, we offer some Agreements as to how to communicate through bidding the strength and distribution of one’s hand.
Convention card

Teaching Suggestions and Guidelines
This document is intended for persons familiar with the game of bridge and wish to use Handz to help others become bridge players. For self-paced learners, most of these guidelines may serve no purpose.
Teaching Guidelines


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