Handz™ Documents

CBE has provided all current documents in one place for the convenience of our readers. This material is offered for noncommercial use. Repackaging this material for sale, whether in whole or part, is strictly prohibited by U.S. copyright law.

There are various reasons why users of HandzTM might revisit this page after getting a boxed game. HandzTM is a work in progress and so we will make changes to the materials whenever feedback suggests clarifications or rule changes. Some of our documents are formatted in ways that may not be suitable for home printers, such as our booklets. Also, if the text in the booklets is a visual challenge, we offer the same text in 8½ x 11 inch pages (US letter) that are roughly twice the print size.

Some documents may be found on other pages, such as the “Teaching Guidelines” which are also found on the web page Teaching Methodology.

Game Instructions
On 11/9/2016 a new version of the instructions were uploaded. This pdf has larger font and more illustrations, but the intention of the rules are unchanged.

Teaching Suggestions and Guidelines
This document is intended for persons familiar with the game of bridge and wish to use Handz to help others become bridge players. For self-paced learners, most of these guidelines will either be confusing or serve no purpose.

Play Advice
The primary goal of HandzTM is to teach players the rules of bridge, including the scoring, in a format that is fun. The second goal is to teach simple strategies of card play. Lastly, we introduce the basic purpose of bidding as communication. Here are Tipz (booklet and letter-size formats) and Hintz.
Tipz V4 – Booklet
Tipz V4 Letter

There are many items that are not in the booklets. Some, like score sheets, are consumed and must be reprinted. Others are laminated to make them stand up to constant reference, like the scoring guidelines and table markers. The most important of the laminated items are the fact sheets, intended to be double sided.

For those who want to print fact sheets on plain paper, these can be used and thrown away after each hand (a tad wasteful) or covered with plastic, such as sandwich bags or cellophane wrap that works almost as well with dry erase markers as the lamination.
Fact Sheets

There are three templates for scoring. The first is a guide that we laminate to give it permanence but it can be reprinted from here as needed. The next two documents are score pads for 4-player games and special pads for 3-player games.
Scoring Guides
Score Sheets
3-Player Score Sheet

Below is a templet for reusable score sheets intended to be laminated so that they can be wiped clean and reused. Because markers are too blunt to write in the boxes allowed by the score sheets (above), these sheets have a limited number of boards (8 per side, 16 total, for the 4-player game; 9 per side, 18 total, for the 3-player game) with much larger entry spaces for the writing in the scores. When playing that specific number of boards, we have made the number of times each player is vulnerable, the same. We cut the laminated sheets in half.
Laminated score sheets

Table markers, indicating who is the dealer and who is vulnerable are an option for those who find them useful, but they are not essential. The score pads remind the score keeper of vulnerability.
Table Marker

For those who make it to level 8, we offer some suggestions as to how to communicate through bidding the strength and distribution of one’s hand.