YNABC Toronto 2011

Toronto Youth NABC

In 2011 Chris Chen and William Zhu attended the YNABC.  Here are some of the hands they thought noteworthy.

First William:

Chris and I entered a two session 49er’s pairs game when this hand came up.

             Dlr   E        S KJ98754
N-S vul      H —
D J106

S 1062                                                 S A
H A654                                                 H KQJ932
D AK8                                                  D 432
C K53                                                  C 1097

S Q3
H 1087
D Q975
C J862

The bidding was fairly simple. Playing East, I open 1H, Chris bids 2NT, which we play as Swedish Jacoby, showing a 4-card limit raise or better with special responses, North bids 3S, and I bid 4H, which ended the auction. Though I have only 10 points, the suit is good, the vulnerability is right, and I have only 7 losers.

A spade is led and I can see no losers in the majors and only one loser in diamonds. However, if clubs are unfriendly (as they were), I can lose three clubs. If the club A is behind my K, I lose three tricks unless an honor falls on the first club trick, so a nearly 50% chance of 3 club losers. But I see that a simple play end play guarantees the contract. I was quite excited to have a chance to execute this at the table.

I win the spade with my ace and draw three rounds of trump. I go over to the dummy with a diamond, ruff a spade, another diamond, ruff another spade, and exit a diamond which South wins. Now South must lead clubs lest he give me a slough and a ruff. Now no matter how the clubs are positioned, I can only lose up to 2 clubs. South leads the J of clubs and I cover with my K. After the A, my 10 and 9 of clubs can draw out the queen. If South had led a low club, I would duck and North could win with the queen, but my King of clubs is always safe.

Among the results, one makes five and another goes down three! Tomorrow we will look for a game with field protection.


Hand one of the qualifiers in the Youth Open Pairs, board one. It’s been awhile so a bit imperfect recollection, but the result is are 100% accurate.

S 9
D 10654
C 754

S AKQ74                                         S J86
H 4                                                   H A32
D AK97                                            D J2
C J103                                             C AQ862

S 10532
H 10985
D Q83
C K9

East (William) is dealer, none vulnerable. He opens the bidding:

1c   pass  1s pass
1nt  pass  2d pass
2s   pass  3s pass
4c   pass  4nt pass
5h   pass  6s   all pass

Though i see all 5 key cards, I consider William’s 1N rebid and stop in 6s.

Play (I declared as West)

1. North led heart king, dummy played the ace, South and West follow.

2. Dummy led DJ, South the queen, I win the king, North followed suit.

3. I played DA, all followed suit.

4. I played a third diamond and ruffed in dummy.

5. I cashed dummy’s jack of spades, then draw three more rounds of trump.

7. I played the jack clubs, finessed North, and South takes Kc

Result: Made 6s with our 28 points.


Tuesday 10:00 AM Gold Rush Pairs

Smolen suddenly came by and watched only this hand.

S 985
H K8732
D 72
C J52

S AK2                                                        S QJ643
H A1094                                                    H 5
D K10543                                                  D 86
C 3                                                            C AQ1087

S 107
C K964

I was East, and I passed; South opened a diamond; Chris doubled; pass to me; and I jump to 2S, showing some values. Chris cue bids 3D and I, though not wanting to bid the same values again, bid 3S, passed out.

South led the ace of diamonds and another diamond, dummy winning the king. Now if there was ever a time to cross ruff, this was the time. I cashed the club ace, ruffed a club low, cashed the ace of hearts, ruffed a heart. Club ruff, heart ruff, club ruff (North shows out, but what’s she going to do, over ruff my ace?), and lastly a diamond ruff with North illogically playing the 5 of spades which I casually overruffed with my 6. I draw trump in two rounds with my remaining QJ, and cash my now good club Q. Making 6.

I think in order to make 6 legitimately, on the third round of clubs, I need to play the Q of clubs to smother the J, then I can save a trump and draw them out. But that’s silly.

Perhaps we should have bid game, but this scored a 16 with a top of 23. Should I have bid gone to 4 over 3D? Should partner jump to 4 with only 3 trump?

LASTLY, CHRIS SAYS “Diamonds are forever.”

Hand two is in 2nd session youth open pairs:

S AQ754
H AK73
D 3

S K862                                                     S 3
H T65                                                       H QJ842
D AKQ2                                                   D 84
C Q3                                                        C 98652

H 9
D JT9765

Red on white William is North, I am South, West is dealer.

West opens 1D; North doubles; and East passes. I sit awhile trying to think about it. I don’t have any good bids to make, but it doesn’t look settable from my hand. I take a long look at those diamonds and see the nice sequences. Then I pass fully aware that I’ll take some heat if the contract makes or only goes down one. I pray it’ll go down two for 300. I expect that we can make some part score. West passes thinking it can’t be too bad especially with a diamond suit headed by AKQ.

William leads a diamond, East follows suit, I play the D5 (trying to see if West is paying attention), West goes up with high diamond. West plays another high diamond, William shows out, East follows, and so do I. West tries a heart, North goes up with ace, East and South follow. William cashes HK, East follows suit, South pitches a club, West follows. North leads a low heart, East follows, I trump, West follows. I cash the club ace, then continue with the 10 to north’s king, felling West’s queen. North continues clubs, which I ruff. Now I run three spades from the J109, West covers the last one with K, North takes the ace and cashes the queen. I only have diamonds, so I trump North’s 5th spade, which West overruffs with high diamond. West plays low diamond to South’s jack.


1DX down 4 for 800. Declarer complains that it was the worst contract he has ever played in. I helpfully assure him that, with experience, this record will not long stand. Don’t I know it.

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