Progress of the Handz Project

Last fall (2015) the board of CBE had a brief demonstration of Handz, a mere concept of how teaching bridge to youngsters might be made more effective. The board quickly put its unanimous support behind the project. I want to now report that progress has been steady and encouraging. In the following weeks I hope to use this blog to keep CBE supporters up-to-date.

In December, at a cocktail party, hosted by a student of board member Deborah Murphy who gave the party to celebrate his becoming a US citizen, I met a couple from Marin who expressed an interest in bridge. I quickly sent them a copy of the program, such as it was at the time, and they have played it several times with another Sausilito couple. They have been great about providing feedback. It proved that Handz is a program where people from teens to adults can learn to play bridge hands without the need for an instructor or giant bridge tomes.

That was just the beginning.

Former President Jen Fong reflects on CBE

In the past two weeks, I have reconnected with two CBE alumni, Kendrick Chow and Samuel Kuang.  After many positive teaching experiences in the bridge world, both are considering jobs as tutors and teachers in the SF school district.  When CBE entered my life 9 years ago, I didn’t realize how long our relationship would be.  When I chaperoned Kendrick and Samuel, (Edmund and Jason) to DC for the Youth NABC, who knew that they would become so hooked on bridge and on giving back to their community?  CBE continues to support youth to learn the game of bridge.  I hope you will consider a financial contribution or volunteering your passion to introduce more young people to this wonderful game.