Building on our experience teaching bridge in schools for nine years, The Center for Bridge Education, in collaboration with Richard Bellerose, a founding member and our first president, has been developing a new way to introduce the card play of bridge to persons of all ages, from elementary students to retirees. We call this new game HandzTM.
The principles behind HandzTM are deceptively simple:
1. Students have fun playing in less than 15 minutes.
2. Progress is self-paced.
3. Players advance from level to level as in a computer game.
4. HandzTM concentrates on play until all rules and scoring are understood.
5. Strategy is separated from the rules of play and scoring.

Players have erasable “fact sheets” on which they record and display to the other players their high-card strength and suit distribution, making it easy to “visualize” the various ways to increase winners and avoid losers. For instance, when we explain how to plan the play, the student can see the shape and high card strength of the closed hands. Players grasp the concept of how a suit breaks because there is nothing abstract to imagine; the workings of the finesse are more obvious when high card strength is known.

Not everyone who learns HandzTM will become a duplicate bridge player. Instead, HandzTM is a tool that students use (without knowing it) to discover whether bridge is the game for them. Our goal is both simple and ambitious. We want to introduce thousands of curious persons to the card play of bridge, who then self-select if they wish to go on. We want to tempt players who might be avoiding the drudgery of a traditional bridge class. Among them some small percentage will take up duplicate bridge today; many more will come back years later. If most stay with HandzTM, we are happy with that.

To achieve our ambitious outreach, we hope to convince one or more online game sites to adopt our specifications for the game. HandzTM players could compete with bridge players in various ways that will encourage many to learn about the game of contract bridge.

If you are interested in learning more, please read other pages or open one of our many pdf attachments. We welcome comments and suggestions (below).

If you would like to buy Handz, it is on sale for a limited time only for $29.95 + $9 shipping + tax for California residents. Click on the button below to order. Be sure to include your shipping address. You can also purchase additional fact sheets and pens if you wish. 



If you prefer to just buy the fact sheets and pens without the rest of the game (or if you have the game and want additional fact sheets and pens), use this button. Again, be sure to include your shipping address. Four additional fact sheets and pens are $5.95 plus tax, 8 additional ones are $10.95 plus tax. In either case, shipping is $5.

Extra Fact Sheets and Pens

14 thoughts on “Handz™

    • I would like to talk with you about teaching 3rd graders. We have had classes as young as 2nd grade. These gifted kids have found the game easy to follow, but at the end of a school day, the very young can be a challenge.

  1. I would like to teach bridge to my 11 year old granddaughter. Please let me know how I can get materials and instruction for teaching HANDZ.

    • We think that it is. The game has a different name from bridge because we consider it more than just a way to become a bridge player. Perhaps many Handz players will never move to convention-card bidding, but the upper strategies of Handz, levels 9 and 10, will cater indefinitely to those who enjoy the card play in bridge. When players have advanced several levels in Handz, they will be well-informed as to whether the game of duplicate bridge is right. Meanwhile, Handz is fun from the start. I will send you a separate email.

  2. I would like to know more about ‘Handz’. I have taught bridge to seniors for 4 years and was using Audrey Grant’s Club series. But it seems to take a long time before they are able to play, because there is too much information all at once before they can start. Please advise on cost and materials?

  3. I am interested in the Handz series for teaching both adults and 4th and 5th graders. Please let me know how I can obtain all the appropriate materials.

    • I will email a specific reply, but in general, this is a wonderful use for Handz. It is easy for young players to start having fun within 15 minutes. Handz can be played as a 3-person game as well as a 4-person game, which makes it possible to accommodate any number of players from 6-infinity, though the latter number has not been tested.

    • Hi Anne,

      I have sent you an email with information. However, we have added a means to order the game of the bottom of the first page for Handz on our web site. You are welcome to use the email and phone number that I sent in the email reply if you have additional questions.

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